Childcare and Nanny Placements 

A Friend of the Family childcare service has recently become College Nannies + Sitters. We are now offering the same highly screened caregivers with new, easy and convenient scheduling technology for families.

Your Child Deserves the Best Quality Care

Today’s families are busy. Often both parents work or a single parent is trying to manage the household alone. Either way, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. A Friend of the Family can be the helping hand you need to cover your family responsibilities and make your life immeasurably easier. We work with our families to come up with the best solution: Full Time Nanny Placements, Short Term Nanny Placements, After School Care and Sitter Services. We do it all! 

Among the Services We Offer Are:

Full-time Child Care, Nanny Placement Services

Feeding, entertaining, household tidying


Rides to/from school, activities, outings

Evening Care, After School Care and Short Term Nanny Placements

Nanny, homework help, meal prep, date-night babysitting

Special Needs Care

Hygiene, activities, medical appointments, outings

From Newborns to Teens, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you have an infant, toddler or school-aged child, A Friend of the Family can come to your home and provide expert care. We’ve been serving families throughout Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for over 30 years.

We can personalize a child-care plan to fit your family’s schedule and even be flexible each week to suit your schedule. This includes Full Time Nanny Placements, Short Term Nanny Placements, Part Time Placements and Sitter Services. 

A Friend of the Family now provides babysitter services through College Nannies, Sitters + Tutors. Our fully-screened sitters can be booked easily through the MySitters™ mobile app or through your trusted placement team. The experienced, engaging, professional caregivers provide in-home care for children on an irregular, as-needed basis, including sick and emergency care. These high caliber babysitters are available to ensure the highest level of care and provide a creative, fun experience for your children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your caregivers selected?

Our caregivers go through a rigorous screening and recruiting process. In addition to having the right temperament for this type of work, they’ve been trained in our high standards. We carefully match the client with the caregiver(s) we believe best meets their needs. For ongoing childcare with a family, we choose several caregivers we think are a good match. Then you interview them and make the final selection.

What types of checks do your caregivers go through?

All of our caregivers undergo local and national criminal background investigation and reference checks. They have a driver’s license and a good driving record. We require they are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Is your agency insured?

A Friend of the Family is licensed and insured. All of our caregivers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance.

How do you set up a care plan?

The process begins with us asking you lots of questions to get an understanding of the type of care you want for your child. Then we customize a care schedule and select a caregiver(s) who we believe would be the best fit.

Are services available 24/7?

Yes, our caregivers work days, nights, weekends and holidays. We have a four-hour visit minimum.

How soon can you begin providing home care services?

We can usually provide services within 24 hours.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About A Friend of the Family

My Child Loves Her

Greta is an amazing person that really cares for your child. She not only ensures my Child’s basic needs are taken care of but also integrates games and fun activities to help him improve his social, communication and cognitive skills. My child loves her and so do we.

-R. Steele

Roswell, GA

The Most Prepared and Helpful Sitter We’ve Ever Had

I am consistently pleased with the prompt and courteous service that we have received from A Friend of the Family. I am writing to let you know that I was particularly impressed with C. White! She was the most prepared and helpful sitter we’ve had to date! I will request her again and again and tell others to do the same. I hope that you will pass along my complements.

-K. Ross

Atlanta, GA

Handled Everything Beautifully

Chiquita is wonderful.  We have twins and a  5 year old so I am always worried that they are too much to handle but she is calm and handled everything beautifully. Thank you!!.

-K. Prieto

Atlanta, GA

She’s a Gift to Our Family

The professionalism and genuine warmth of Jean make her a treasure to our family and a Friend of the Family. She does so many things beyond our expectations: crafts, art and special entertainment like maracas. Jean keeps detailed written records of activities, meals, hygiene and our child’s mood; unloading the dishwasher; straightening up after meals and playtime activities; and more. Most importantly, Jean’s kind, flexible and calm demeanor puts any parent and child at ease. She a gift to our family!

-S. Harris

Atlanta, GA

Like a Second Mom

Tonya has had a profoundly positive impact on my family. I have a very demanding job that requires long hours and traveling. Tonya stepped right in and took over all of the care for my children. She is like a second mom. A Friend of the Family has made it possible for me to fulfill my passion at work at not miss a best at home, thank you!

-J. Campbell

Atlanta, GA

Kept a Detailed Log of Feedings, Diaper Changes, etc.

Denise had a great interaction with my son.  He obviously took to her quite easily.  She kept in touch throughout the day regarding their activities and kept a detailed log of feeding, diaper changes, etc.  He was sad for her to leave and watched her walk all the way out to her car.  She was great and can’t wait to have her back again!

-A. Danishek

Atlanta, GA

A Friend of the Family babysitting service has recently become College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors. We are now offering the same highly screened babysitters with new, easy and convenient scheduling technology for families.

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